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Today’s mega hit his hectic life. A person living in a large village, is forced to put up with its terms. And yet, everyone needs a rest, though not very long. Best of all, when the vacation takes place outside the city, where there is an opportunity to walk through the woods, breathe fresh and clean air and natural beauty. But this possibility is not at all. Of course, you can arrange regular visits to nature, together with tents, but such a holiday would require much time and energy to his organization, as well as financial and home zatrat. Krasivye KottedzhiIdealnym option is to have owned a country house and cottages, where you can come across in my spare time family. Today, the attention of potential buyers beautiful houses and cottages in the Kiev region offers a variety of companies involved in real estate. Customer the right to choose any of the finished projects presented on the website or ordered from specialist custom design project. In this case, the construction of a cottage or house will proceed according to the design Houses and proektu. Krasivye KottedzhiBolshuyu popular models are the so-called economy class, the same type of single-storey houses, because they are very inexpensive. But it is better to buy a really nice house that satisfies the aesthetic tastes because of the beauty is very often depends on the quality of rest. Cottage architecture should inspire a man of mind, a sense of emotional balance and security, because it will be his second shelter for many years. Various beautiful houses and cottages are made in a variety of architectural styles: classical, modern, destructive, bionic, etc. Even the most demanding customer will find a style to taste. At the same architectural styles blend harmoniously with the latest technology and modern building houses and materialami. Skazochnye KottedzhiBolshoe important interior country house. For it is also possible to use different styles. One of the most popular styles in the frame of the interior today is pop art. It lies in the fact that the design uses bold color combinations (however annoying and flashy colors do not prevail). In the atmosphere of the furniture is the rejection of cabinets. Cabinets are replaced by small racks, bookshelves and niches, which gives the interior a certain lightness. Under a separate dressing room assigned pomeschenie. Krasivye KottedzhiSteny House and cottage-style pop art can be pasted posters of famous personalities, representing an era of music and movie stars. Making this style will cost quite inexpensive, and the interior cabin will be really interesting and attractive, not without some экстравагантности. Сторонникам conservatism fits the classic environment. You can decorate your country home with natural stone, gizmos onyx, granite, marble, used in interior decoration. And, of course, comfortable and will look beautiful pastoral style, which is present in an atmosphere of wicker furniture and antiques. Entering into such a country house, the man moved like a time machine for a few decades nazad. Zagorodnye House and KottedzhiPokupatel that difficult to make a final choice, he can trust the professionals. They will take into account its financial capacity and build a country house, ideal for relaxation away from the noisy and dirty city. Ready beautiful houses and cottages are also waiting for their future owners. Buying a vacation home or villa today, the man makes the right choice for many years vpered. Related posts: Cottages for New Year 2011Chto to consider when buying a private house? Design houses